Our 4-hour pacer, Emanuele Saiu, is a model of organization for a sports lover. He gets up at five a.m. during the week, leaving his wife Alessandra and their three daughters peacefully sleeping in bed. From their home in the city of Varese he travels to Milan where he works as an engineer for a chemical company. As soon as he arrives he quickly changes and goes out for a morning run on the Navigli, with running paths in Milan. When he finishes his run he takes a quick shower (his company is equipped!) and by 8:30 a.m. is ready to start his working day. "It's nice to be able to run in the morning because twhen I get home at night I can be with my family".
Emanuele started running only five years ago, after years spent playing football and swimming. As the family expanded and work responsibilities increased, he needed to find a more readily available. Something he could do anywhere but that would help him blow off some pressure. Enter running. "I travel a lot for work, mostly abroad, and I always have running shoes in my suitcase." In 2017 ran his marathon personal best in Rome in a time of 3:22:11, a respectable time for anyone.
"I like pacing runners to that I feel like I’m giving back what other pacers have done for me. And also to help the runners with the dream of finishing Venicemarathon within four hours.”
A virtuous circle in the community of marathon runners!

Training tips
- Emanuele Saiu's marathon program is based on 13 training weeks (starting July 23rd) with four training sessions per week.
- The workouts vary and are organized as follows: Monday a recovery run, Wednesday 1km to 4km intervals (depending on the week of preparation), Friday a tempo run and Sunday the long run.
- The longest run is run on September 30, covering 35/37 kilometers.

How Emanuele lead the 4-hour group at Venicemarathon:
“While running a marathon I try to be as regular speed wise as possible (around 5'40" / km). You need to have the patience to go a slightly slower in the first half of the race.” He’ll make a plan with his groupmates Cesare Monetti, Carlo Casali and Massimo Pozzi!

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