Fabio Simionato’s path as an athlete went in the opposite direction that most amateurs take. Twenty years ago he was a strong cyclist. Even when he was growing up he loved road cycling and his long-limbed physical structure made for good performances. Then, one day, he had a bike crash. This time it wasn’t just a simple fall like so many other times. This time another car was involved. It scared him so much that he decided to stop cycling. Fabio still remembers that choice of twelve years ago. "No more cycling meant doing nothing since the only thing I knew how to do was pedal for miles. I began to gain weight and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. One day, a friend invited me to go for a run. I haven’t stopped since.”  The attraction to long distances was immediate and, in a short time, he broke three hour wall in the marathon: 2h58'00" in Treviso, the city where he lives.
The 2018 edition of the Venicemarathon will be the sixth for Fabio as pacer in the 3h30’ group. He’s a definite leader in the group, a precious reference for those running with him. “Anybody that follows this group," explains Fabio, "arrives well prepared and ready to face the distance. No improvisation, only athletes who trained to run that time. For the first five kilometers I simply run to 'feel' the group and understand what atmosphere there is on that day. The real group is formed after the half marathon and athletes begin to become familiar with us.” Leading pacing groups, Fabio has always felt something different in the those that choose to run Venicemarathon. "They come here because they know they can run a good performance on this course. There is an excitement incomparable with other races, a beautiful competitive spirit that affects the pacers too. "
How Fabio Simionato trains for Venicemarathon
• He runs five varied workouts a week.
• In the first of four phases he uses hills for strengthening his legs.
• In the second phase he runs short distance intervals (400 - 500 mts)
• In the third phase, he lengthens his intervals to 1000 mts and does on training session of  20 to 25 kilometers over the weekend.
• In the last period he does a few 35-38 kilometers training runs, the last one three weeks from the race is a slow 40km.
How Fabio will lead the 3h30’ pace group:
Below  you can see Fabio Simionato’s 2017 results while leading the 3h30 group. His on target times are a testimony of his skills as a pacer and athlete. Good thing he’s not cycling!