It was 1999 and Dimitri Peron was in Venice to run the legendary marathon. The temps were cool with light rain, certainly facilitating a fast racing time. Despite it being Dimitri’s first marathon, he felt confident since he had always been into sports. In middle school he regularly participated in after school sports groups, including the national Youth Games. Living in the area of ​​Bassano del Grappa with the mountains behind him, the attraction to Orienteering as a competitive sport was a natural for him. He made it all the way up to the Italian Championships, with great personal satisfaction. The commitment to competitive sports, however, was irreconcilable his University studies in Forestry Science. So he thought that, to keep fit, he could still keep running while he was studying, lengthening his distance to the marathon.

Dimitri remembers the thoughts of that adventure. "Running a marathon seemed to me almost an ‘easy’ choice compared to the training sessions I had for preparing an Orienteering race”.

He arrived at the finish line of his first Venicemarathon in 3h00'06 ". I’m sure many have already said to him: “…six seconds!"

Just two years later Dimitri returned to the Venicemarathon to become a pacer becoming, today the most long-lived pacer in Italy! Those first years of racing coincided with a decisive turning point in his life. He became a professor at a local high school where he teaches sericulture; he met his companion Sara and their son Giovanni was born. Venicemarathon remains a fixed point for him and next October, for the fifteenth time, he’ll lead a pacing group for whoever wants to finish in 3h20:00.

“Right now I’m running four to five times a week. To run well at the Venicemarathon I’d recommend steady training, just to stay on your legs, long runs somewhere around thirty kilometers. Then in October we’ll share the journey, an adventure, together. Getting to the finish line will be amazing".