Andrea Danesin, pacer for Venicemarathon in the 4:45:00 group, has the manners of a gentleman. Always polite, perhaps a touch of shyness, he always puts you at ease after a few minutes of conversation. He’s another "local" in the group, born in Venice and raised in the nearby town of Martellago. He’s always been a sports fan, especially with running and athletics. Running is an easy way to maintain personal well-being. He’s an army officer and has to always be in good basic physical preparation. After hearing his story the question comes spontaneously: when did he turn to marathon running? "Venicemarathon passes right in front of my house. Every year I was outside cheering for the runners. They inspired me and I knew even then that one day I would give it a try. When my wife Fausta was pregnant with the first of our three children, I gained ten kilos.  So I decided to lose them by running, working my way up to the marathon distance.” His first marathon, obviously in Venice, was in the year 2000. This year as pacer in the 4:45:00 group he’ll lead runners from Stra, covering that same road for the fifteenth time. You could say that he knows the course well!

Who follows a pacer? Andrea Danesin answers for us: "Most runners that follow our group are debuting the distance and running for the first time. They like having a guide... or three! We give them peace of mind, so all they have to think about is running. "

For training in these last two months, Andrea emphasizes the importance of consistency in training and running a few extra miles to get used to just being on your legs for a few hours ... but not to overdo it.  You can join him at the start in Stra and he promises to take you all the way to Venice. “I'm in love with Venicemarathon because it’s the most beautiful city in the world. Even for us pacers some parts of the marathon can become hard to manage. But when I start to smell the sea breeze air I know that we’re close to the end and my legs don’t even feel the effort over those last bridges ... "