To have this interview with our 3h50 pacer Giuseppe Bossi, I had to wait for his return from the Orient where he was working. He goes back and forth from China and Japan perfecting sensor systems for different car manufacturers. An intense and tiring job, most of all because of the intercontinental flights during the year. And that’s where running comes his life. "Running helps me to handle the stress of my work, even if I often have to use the hotel treadmill because I’m afraid of getting lost in a city I don’t know well," says Giuseppe.

Like many of our other pacers, Giuseppe began being active in sports by playing soccer. But at some point the teams age out and he found less and less people willing to play in the evening after work. Combining a sedentary lifestyle with disordered eating during work trips, Giuseppe found himself with some alarming numbers during a routine physical. Fortunately for him, when in Italy he lives on Lake Varese in the northern region. One day he was inspired by the idea of ​​completing the twenty-eight-kilometer circumference of the lake. His personal project started by running just one kilometer. He ran on the bike path around the lake and every week he added just one single kilometre until arriving at twenty-eight. The jump to the marathon was quick. In his debut race in Milan in 2009, it was the first time he ran in the company of others. He started involving friends and colleagues to run the next one, this time at the Venicemarathon in 2010. The next step to becoming a pacer was brief.

"Having fun while running the marathon is the priority," says Giuseppe. And two tips for those who will follow you in the Venicemarathon? "As in all marathons the hard part is sometime around the thirtieth kilometer, in Venice that coincides with the Ponte della Libertà. Personally, I have the habit of only looking at the road I have directly ahead of me and focusing my attention on my steps, so as not to be discouraged. The hardest stretch is short, only four kilometers. But done in a group and together, we’ll fly. "