If you are familiar with the running world, it’s impossible not to know Cesare Monetti. His articles as freelance are published in various athletics’ newspapers in the last years.

Or probably you read the articles of his press office for the athletics and running events that he follows. You could also visit his website “Run Today” and “Photo Today” to keep up of races. From three years people could know him as Venicemarathon Pacer. So, he lives in sport!

He started to run only about ten years ago, but with the hardest race, the Sky Race. “I changed my habits and I knew new people who ran in these races in the mountain. I thought that it colud be the most natural choice to run the first races with them”. The first half marathon was at Udine, without a specific training. The result was 1h48’00: this encouraged him to extend the distance to the marathon. His first race was in Rome, in 2011. He prepared a training program to improve his performance, taking a look at Orlando Pizzicato and Jeff Galloway’s methods. In 2013 he had his personal best (3h33’08’’).

His philosophy right now is to be always ready for a race. Cesare wakes up early in the morning and, before having breakfast, he trains. In the weekends his activities are various: playing with his two sons, his job and sport. “I see a lot of sportsmen, from athletes to ultra-marathon runners, that doubt their skills. I constantly train myself and this make me ready to run in a short time. I think that the only thing is to give it a try.”

This year Cesare is also one of the Venicemarathon Pacer that give advice on Facebook to people who want to follow him in the 4-hour group. “I like to give my opinion and to be a good motivator, both in the race and out of the race”. A lot of people ask about the 30-kilometre wall and Massimo Pozzi, Emanuele Saiu, Carlo Casali and Cesare will help everyone who want to beat the four-hour wall. “Is very motivating to carry this group, but the walls could not exist. The key is to think that the best is yet to come”