In the past months we’ve presented some of our pacers that will guide runners along the Venicemarathon route, through Piazza San Marco and arriving in Riva Sette Martiri. Today we want to talk about the “sister" distance, the race in the race, our 10k (and seven hundred meters). The 10k race starts from the San Giuliano Park and covers the last ten kilometres of the marathon, practically skipping the first thirty-two! Even a 10k is a great challenge and to assist the participants we have added five groups of pacers: 40'00 "+ 45'00" + 50'00 "+ 55'00" and 60'00 ".

Pierluigi Missimei played football for the team Nettuno Calcio, covering the role of left wing. Over the years his work as a construction manager took more and more of his time. He decided to take up running stay in shape. First on his own and with a local team, the  A.S.D. Athletics Neptunia. "In my first half marathon I followed a group of pacers with great success, so I can’t wait to help other athletes run this 10k race." Pierluigi is ready to help anybody wanted to run the 10km at 4’00 per  kilometer. He has a PB of 36'28 and 1:25:26 for the half marathon. Here are some of his suggestions for the Venicemarathon 10k:

Pre-race warm-up: "I suggest 15 to 20 minutes of slow running with a few strides before entering the starting area. While we wait you can do other small movements for your feet and legs. I say no to stretching or elongating muscles before the race, whereas you can do it as much as you want afterwards. "

Race tactics: "From the first kilometer I will set my speed at 4'00" per kilometer until the finish. Remember that the actual race is measured at  10,700 meters long. When we see the stopwatch upon arrival it should read 42:45.”

Water Station at 5km: To stop and drink or not depends on the climate and temperature. If, as I imagine, it will be cool I don’t find it necessary in a 10km race to have to stop and drink or refuel. I personally will just run through without stopping. Hydrate well on Saturday and Sunday morning and remember that there’s plenty of water and drinks at the finish line!