The role of pacer at the Venicemarathon happened by chance for Massimo Coppo just seventeen years ago, in 2001. A friend and neighbour of his in Mestre was supposed to lead the 4 hour pacing group but didn’t feel well on the eve of the race. He asked Massimo if he could take his place since it would be "easy" for him, being a strong athlete. “The pace was too slow for my and my muscles ached everywhere. But I realized then that I was doing it for others and I tried to ignore the signals my body was sending me."

Even his path into the marathon world happened by chance. An excellent basketball player for over fourteen years, he quit due to the financial problems his sports club had. To stay active he started running. One day in 1994 his scout leader organized a running race bet in the group and first prize was a bib for a local event, the Venicemarathon. Guess who won?  "I was completely unaware of what I was doing, so much so that I invented a training plan based on two workouts a week. However, I included three long runs that somehow miraculously allowed me to reach me the finish line in 3:35:01.  That same evening I went to thank the scout leader who unfortunately lived on the second floor without a lift. Anyone whose ever run a marathon without proper training will understand! "

Since that first Venicemarathon Massimo Coppo has run many others, reaching a personal best of 2h48. . He soon discovered triathlons, achieving excellent performances. Between basketball, swimming, cycling and running and an all-round athlete. Sunday, October 28, Massimo will guide the athletes on the Venicemarathon route for the thirteenth time. "Every year my wife Elena waits me with our two children at the 28th kilometer, before entering San Giuliano Park. Instead, my friends wait for me in the center of Mestre. I hope I have a large group behind so that I can show them my city. "