YoIf in preparation for Venicemarathon you already calculated your goal time and decided to follow the 4:15 pace group, consider yourself lucky. In this trio you will find the energetic and cheerful Tuscan, Marco Mannucci. Venicemarathon will be his third marathon this fall, after running Berlin and then Chicago. "In Chicago I started out last, I mean really the last runner! It was fun making progress and in the end I had overtaken more than twenty-three thousand people,” says Marco, chuckling.
Born in Pontedera in the province of Pisa where he still lives, he works at the Piaggio factory in the quality sector. His shifts leaves him free time in the afternoon for training. Marco has always been into sports: swimming, rowing, tennis and of course going to the gym. This is where he started running…on a treadmill. "I used running to keep myself conditioned for my other sport activities. I’ve always loved that feeling of hard work in sports. Then, one year the Pisa marathon started right from Pontedera. On a bet, I signed up. "
Notwithstanding being slightly overtrained, he arrived at the finish line in 3:37 and was already looking for his next challenge.
Venicemarathon is where he ran his personal best 2013 in 3:17. As he ran along the Brenta river he noticed that there were groups with balloons leading other runners and was immediately intrigued. He currently alternates pacing at marathon with more competitive ones for himself. "I like running as a pacer for the friendships I make along the way. There is a stronger bond because you give something without asking for anything in return. A true friendship. "
For Marco the Venicemarathon is only thirty-nine kilometers. "The last two kilometers are like flying and you don’t feel them at all. You just enjoy the canals, the gondolas, Piazza San Marco and the fantastic cheering from the crowds.” Get in line because 4:15  will be a group to follow!