On Sunday 4th  February, our Eyob will be at the start of the Due Perle Half Marathon. An important test before his departure for Asmara. Meanwhile, during the week, the tests continued.
For now, we are not  talking about  easing off the legs from the heavy training . Ruggero and I are continuing to work: the goals of this year, the Valencia half-marathon world championships and the Berlin Europeans marathon  championships , are important and we can not slack off.

As planned, this was also a week of testing, in particular VO2max and lactate. And the results were very good, even better than we expected.It means that the work done is bearing fruit and that we are on track.Sunday another test awaits me, but this time not in the laboratory.I will be in Santa Margherita Ligure, to run the Two Pearls Half Marathon. It's a prestigious race and I'm happy to be able to use it as a further test to understand how the preparation is going. Probably there will be great opponents but my goal will not be to beat them, but to test my pace on 21 km.It will be the last job before the retreat for altitude training. On 6th February  I will leave for Asmara, as I did last year. The climate there is ideal for training.The environmental conditions will raise a few seconds per kilometer of my pace, altitude (we will be at 2400 meters) and the continuous ups and downs of the highland, but all are seconds that I should catch up once back in the plain.We will dedicate ourselves to both long and specific works on the rhythm, on the other hand I am preparing a half marathon but I’m aiming at 42 km of Europeans in Berlin, so I can not leave anything out in the preparation.While I'm in Asmara I'm also planning a 21 km, it  will be a good test.I'll be back on 2nd March  and soon a race is waiting for me, so we'll see if the work on the hill will immediately bear fruit or if we have to wait a few weeks.In the meantime, for those who will be there, we'll see each other on Sunday at the Two Pearls half marathon.