“I won’t compete too much with my rivals, I prefer to run in my best possible way and finish the race in a good time. It will be an important test before going and train in the highlands.” These were the words of Eyob Faniel, Venicemarathon elite runner, before competing at the Due Perle Half Marathon.

The race then went even better than expected and now our runner, Eyob, has left to Asmara with another victory in his collection.
Just a test. This was supposed to be, for me, the Due Perle Half Marathon. The right way to check my training after this first preparation and before the deep highland training in Eritrea, another important step before the world championship of the Half Marathon in Valencia.It was a victory, I did not expect this and maybe just for that I was even more satisfied, but in saying that what really counted were the good feelings I had during the race.Before the start I did not know the name of the rivals I was going to meet at the start line, mainly because my goal was to test and run at a good pace on the 21km distance more than to win.When I met them I thought that the only one, who could worry me was Primien Manirafasha, therefore I decided to start at a good pace since the very beginning and have an advantage on him starting from the first kilometers and try to finish in a good time, maybe even beating the race record which was set at 1h03’26’’. Unfortunately, I did not count the strong contrary wind.Coming back from Portofino in Santa Margherita Ligure, to reach the half point of the race, the wind was really unfavorable. I put immediately aside the idea of beating the race record and I preferred to run the race by the Rwandan runner. We kept going together till the 18th Km, after that I took the pace and won the race in 1h05’18”.The race is very nice, despite the wind which made it very demanding, therefore the test went well.Just short time to recover and it was the right time to leave to Eritrea, where I will stay for about one month.We got there last Wednesday night. Only few hour-sleep and at the awakening we were right ready for the first training and in the afternoon the second one.Together with me and Ruggero, were Daniele Meucci and Valeria Straneo, for a couple of hours.The first days will be important to get used to the climate and then we will train seriously!!