Eyob Faniel is still in the highlands in Eritrea. This is a delicate and important moment for his preparation: he is working hard as next important meetings, and therefore goals, are right round the corner.

After the first days, that I shook down to the altitude and to the temperature, the training rhythms and the work out got more intense. Here the conditions are perfect to train. The altitude helps the preparation and the temperature, which goes from 20° to 25°C, gives us the chance to train without problems.The days are intense and marked by the training session, but not only.The alarm goes off at 6.30am every day, and we start with the first daily training, which keeps us working till 9.30am. After that we go back to the hotel, we eat and relax, sometimes having the chance there is a regenerating muscle massage.After lunch, at about 4.30pm there is the second training session of the day.In addition to that there are the uphill work out and the exercises at the gym, which are important for the strengthening. We are really working hard.Each session consists of both endurance and quality training, we are working on long distances and on the race rhythm. In fact the European Half Marathon Championship, which will be held in March, in Valencia, are getting close and the preparation must necessarily be complete and take care of each aspect.I will stay here, in Eritrea, in Asmara for 12 more days. On 2nd March we will go back and my first appointment is the half marathon in Paris. It will be an important test for me.I will still have the preparation on my legs but it will be, for me, the first occasion to verify the result of the work I did in the highlands.The tiredness of these days needs to be turned into good results. This is an important year for me rich in significant appointments  and I want to be ready for it.