For our Eyob it is time to leave Eritrea.
After three weeks of meeting tomorrow he will board a plane. Direction Bassano del Grappa? Not exactly.

What is done is done. The meeting in Eritrea is coming to an end, it is time to go back.
These were intense weeks of work, commitment and determination.
Together with Ruggero we took care of every aspect of the preparation: we did a lot of quality work. Not only that: the high-altitude training forces me to do upgrading, uphill.
In short, we did not miss anything.
Now that the meeting is over, all that remains is to take stock of the work done.
We talked about it today, Ruggero and I, comparing this year's data to those of twelve months ago, when we always came here to Asmara for the first meeting of the season.
We have analyzed the work and the performances and I have to say that in twelve months we have succeeded in obtaining remarkable improvements, both from the point of view of kilometers - we run more than a year ago - and from that of speed. The results have improved and also the resistance.
I feel like I worked well and I'm fine, the conditions are good.
I am happy because the goals of this 2018, between half marathon and marathon European Championships are important and ambitious, and I want to prepare myself at the best..
The first test is already waiting for me on 4th March. I will leave Asmara to Paris and I will be at the start of the half marathon.
I still do not know who my opponents will be, but it's a fast race and surely they will be international athletes. My goal will be to stay with them and try to make my PB on the distance of 21.097 km.