A fourth place at the Paris Half Marathon - and the missed podium for only 2 "- and a new personal best on the distance. For our Eyob the return from the meeting of Asmara was more than positive, as much as the race on French soil. Everything promises for the Valencia World Championships: yesterday the High Level Technical Director Elio Locatelli has officially announced the list of the athletes called for March 24th and the VeniceMarathon Club athete is among the four chosen, together with Lorenzo Dini, Sara Brogiato, and Giovanna Epis.

We are getting close to the appointment with the Half Marathon World Championships in Valencia. After the meeting at Asmara and the half marathon of Paris I still have time for the last training sessions.
More than positive feedback has come from the 21 km. It had to be a test and so it was and I'm satisfied with the result.
I need the Half Marathon in Paris to understand how I had worked in Asmara, if this stage of preparation was positive, as the return from a trip is always complicated and therefore unpredictable.
Considering this and also the situation I found in Paris, the race went very well. In addition to cold and rain, winter weather, I must handle the race alone. The leading group broke away from the first km and they were really too fast to be able to attack them. At the same time I detached a group behind me, without too much effort.
In short, I ran without reference points for practically 20 km. Certainly not the ideal condition for making my pb.
Especially on a course that is a continuous succession of ups and downs. I had not foreseen it.
The ups and downs obviously did not allow me to keep a steady pace, which instead is preferable to make a pb. In the end, the average was 2'59 "/ km, but constantly oscillating between 2'50" -2'52 "and the 3'02" -3'05 "in correspondence with the downhill or uphill sections.
However, the pb arrived: 1h02'49" that improves compared to 1h03'09" in Prague 2017.
Of course, I could have done better, if I had not been alone, for example, but for now it's okay, I look forward with confidence to the World Championships on March 24th. In Spain the course will certainly be faster, the temperatures milder and in the last days I will dedicate myself to finishing workouts.