The countdown has begun: just a few days and Eyob Faniel, the athlete of the Venicemarathon Club, will run wearing the national team t-shirt. Saturday, 24th March will be in Valencia to participate in the half marathon World Championships.

The official call by the National team has arrived in recent days but I have being  preparing for weeks for the goal of the World Half Marathon in Valencia.And now only a few days are left.Today I will leave for Spain, so as to have a few days to acclimatize.The race will start Saturday, 24th March  and dress again the national team blue t-shirt will be a great emotion, as well as an extra incentive.After returning from the meeting in Eritrea, Ruggero and I focused on specific work in preparation for Valencia, while the last days we obviously dedicated ourselves to breake up.Difficult, however, to say how my body can react. After the kilometers accumulated in the height it is not so immediate to switch to quality jobs. Some days I feel I can not give much and instead come out an excellent training or vice versa. So even for Valencia I can not make any predictions.Waiting for the race, however, I tried to understand who will be the athletes at the start. The competition is very fierce but probabily several small groups will form, each with his own pace. It will not be difficult to find the right one to attack me and this will surely be of great help. In Paris I had to run alone for 20 km and in those conditions, without points of reference, it is difficult to have a good time. The fact of having succeeded in any case, even if slightly improving my personal, makes me hope for the World Cup.In Valencia the starting conditions are better, even from a weather point of view. In Paris I found cold, rain and wind, while for Saturday the weather will be fine and a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees: the ideal for running.Even the course will be easier: in Valencia it is very fast, while in Paris the ups and downs prevent you to keep a steady pace.In short, there are the conditions for doing well and the preparation has been completed as planned.I did not give myself any time or ranking goals: I’ll  give my best and, if possible, I’ll improve my PB .All that will come, will be well accepted.