A new personal best on the distance, a good 37th place in the overall category and first among the Italian runners.

Eyob Faniel’s experience at the World Half Marathon Championship in Valencia was quite good, but he is not completely satisfied. He explained the reason why.

The 37th place in the overall category in a championship and  improving one’s personal best are for sure results to be proud of, I know. But analyzing the race I ran on Sunday in Valencia, I could say, I am not completely satisfied. I think it was due to the lack of experience. It was the first time I was competing with so many elite runners, about one hundred. Besides among so many competitors and of such a high level the strategies need to be changed and this is the main lesson I learnt last Sunday.During the race this caught me unawares.I started the race as usual, without forcing. I ran just following the leading group, to be protected by the wind, but when the first runners changed their pace I was unprepared.The leading group increased the rhythm  and I was left behind. When I changed the pace, it was unfortunately too late to try and get them, at least I was able to close the gap.The last kilometer I ran in 2’41”/km and it was not good. It meant that I had still a lot of energy in me and that I could have given more.In saying that, I am happy of improving my personal best from 1h02’49” to 1h02’37” and of the 37th place but I know I could have run much better and I want to do better.The race in Valencia, however, was a great experience. An experience that will be used soon, in my next 21K. When? In 10 days or so. Soon after Easter time I will try again and this time my goal will be to start immediately fast and keep up the rhythm till the finish line, instead of starting quiet, and then running the race in a progressive way as I did in Valencia.I know and I feel I can run the race sub 1h02’ and I want to try and achieve making the most of the hard work I did in the African highlands.It will be the last half marathon of this first part of the season, after that I will allow myself to slow down for a while. It won’t be a break, but I will slacken the load of work and then I will start to focus on the next important appointment the European Marathon Championship, in Berlin, in August.