For Eyob Faniel the first part of the season is over and the evaluation for this start of the year is definitely positive. After the three personal bests in a month on the distance of the half marathon, last Sunday in Turin Eyob managed to improve even on the 10km.

It's great when in a race you can have fun, get to the podium and even get your PB. I could not ask more! Last Sunday at the "Tutto Dritta" in Turin it was this way. After many training sessions and three half marathons, I wanted to compete on shorter and faster distances, because I thought I could run well and so it was. I started with the leading group, strong enough but just a little before the half of the race we slowed down a bit. The first two runners separated me and at the 7th km I found myself in third position. In the last thousand, however, I tried to recover the second place: in the sprint I managed to resume and overcome Charles Karanja Kamau, also improving my pb of 8 '': 28'45 my time. And, in short, winning a 10 km sprint, for a marathon runner, is not so obvious! The race was also organized very well, so I'm really happy to have participated, as well as the result and how I managed my 10 km.
Now it's time to take a little breath. I will slow down with preparation, as I anticipated. It will not be a break, just a recovery period; I will continue to run to maintain the shape, I need it in view of the Moonlight Half Marathon on 26th May. It is a race that I love, and not just because my team the Venicemarathon Club, organizes it. When I run it for the first time in 2015,
I won it and it was also for the 10 km, in which I participated last year.
If you have already run it, you know that it is a race not to be missed. And if you do not know it, run it. The course this year has changed, it’s faster and all to be discovered (I'm very curious too, but I'm sure it will not disappoint us!). And then, starting with the sun, running at sunset and arriving at night, believe me, it's beautiful! Few races are so impressive and I can not wait to be at the start. If you join us ... we will see each other at the start!