We are so close to the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon
At the 26th May, at the start line, it will be Eyob Faniel, Venicemarathon Club’s athlete.Here you can find some advice for whom who have decided to run the 21k race, at sunset.

The 21k race is a beautiful race to run, especially in Jesolo at sunset!It is longer than the 10k race, so for some people it could be more exciting. However, it is also more manageable than a marathon and it doesn’t request a strong preparation. In any case, if you want to run a half marathon race and you want to do a competitive time, I will advice you don’t to extemporize: a 21k race is still a 21k race.Before the race, it is fundamental to cover a distance equal to or slightly less than 21 km in training: it can’t be missed the “long trainings”, also if it will be your first “half” or if you aren’t so used to the middle-long distances.Beyond the “long trainings”, the must important training for a half marathon is the “middle” or “varied middle” or “middle with variation” training, that you surely heard.What is the “varied middle”?It is a specific training where you alternate 1-2 km with a strengthen rhythm and 1-2 km with a slower rhythm. The times’ average could be the same or a little bit faster than the race rhythm.It is a good, fun (because the rhythm’s variations are always an incentive) and very useful training, because it helps you to improve the rhythm.If you want to increase its efficacy, you could program a strengthening training in the gym the day before the training or a climb training on 100mt.At the day of the race, search your pacer, he/she will be useful to sketch out your initial rhythm.If you aim to your personal time, use the first 10km to take an advantage and use the second part of the race to hold on.If your goal is to arrive at the finish line in a good way, organise your race gradually. Start with a moderate rhythm in order to hold your step: a 21km race isn’t a marathon, however there are a few kilometres, so if you started too strong, you would finish your energies. If your legs run well after 10-15km and you feel good, you could increase your rhythm, even if you increase it of only some seconds per kilometre.If you want, take a gel at the 15th km, I also use it in the 21k race. It could help you to the final rush.And don’t forget to hydrate yourself: drink a lot in the days before the race and, at the refreshment stations, use the water and the salts. Don’t exaggerate: it is enough just a few sips to give you energy back. Test it. And now… let’s see us at Jesolo!