Are you ready for running at sunset? On 26th May, the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is waiting you. At the start line there is also Eyob Faniel, who represents the Venicemaraton Club.
It’s official: on 26th May I’m at the start line of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.I chose the 10km, because it is useful for my preparation of this period: the Europe Champion of Maratona, in Berlin next August.My girlfriend Ilaria will be with me at the start line.
In these weeks she trained with determination and diligence, when she didn’t study or when she hadn’t commitment. She was very good and I suggested her some advice to optimize her training.
This isn’t the first time at Jesolo for us, but this year she wants to do her personal time: her aim is to arrive in 50 minutes or less. Obviously, she wants to run very close to me! In our family we have bet on the person who will arrive at finish line first.It is sure that I will cheer for her and I will wait her at the finish line.About me, I’m very curious to try the new ring itinerary, with the start and the finish line at the same point. A good advantage both for runners and for all people who will can see the starting and the arriving. The cheer, this year, have also a big relevance in this way.I never tried the new itinerary, that probably will be more quickly, so there is a prerequisite to run a good race.
After a lot of competitions around Italy, I’m very happy to run at “home”, in my club’s race, with the t-shirt that I proudly wear.I arrive at the finish line with the Venicemaraton Club colours and I hope to win.
This competition is an important test for me, because I use it to create a new training for the next weeks, in preparation to the European Champion. 
Are you ready? See you at the start line!