Saturday 26th May will be at the 10K start line the élite and favourite athlete of Venicemarathon Club, Eyob Faniel
Thursday 10th May 2018 – The Eyob Faniel’s route to Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship will pass to Jesolo. On Saturday 26th May the Venicemarathon Club’s athlete will be at the start line of the Jesolo Moonlight 10K. It is an important race for him, who triumphed in the 21K on 2015 and in the 10K the last year, but also represents an important appointment of the season, that is the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship, where he will represent Italy with other four athletes on 12th August.
After a strong period of training, the Jesolo Moonlight 10K race will be important for Eyob because this competition and to test his physical limits. After the Jesolo race, Faniel will represent Italy also in Spain at the Mediterranean games at the end of June, where he will run the half marathon. There is great expectation to see again the student of the ex-marathon runner Ruggero Pertile into action, who this year improved himself three times on 21 kilometres, reducing his personal best in 1h02’27’’ and running his 10 kilometres in 28’44’’.
“I’m happy to came back in Jesolo because for me is a very important competition, that it is organized by my Club - said Faniel – after a pause from race and an intensive specific training period for the European Athletics Championship in Berlin, the Jesolo competition is an important testing ground. My aim is to win, but the important things is to run fast and feeling good. I’m also very curios to try the new itinerary, and I want to put my signature on the new record of race.”
The competition is completely renewed in the itinerary and also in the services. The 10K starts at 19.15 and after 30 minutes (19.45) the 21K starts.  The new route is a ring, so it has the start and the finish line both in Piazza Milano. Along the race all athletes find a suggestive landscape with different natural elements (sea, pine forest, beach and stream), that it will make different e never boring view.
In Piazza Milano you can find the Moonlight Village with all services for the athletes (bag storage, changing rooms, toilets and showers) that will be comfortable and easily reachable also with the car.
The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Jesolo City. A lot of companies work and participated for this event: Karhu, Pro Action, Fish Factor, Air France, San Benedetto, Alì & Aliper, Bavaria, Palmisano, Castellano, Gasparini Group, Zuegg.

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