The Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon is getting closer.
The 10K’s registrations are already closed, because we reached the sold out. Maybe you are the lucky people who have already obtained the bib number or your aim is to run the 21K race.
In both cases, the training time is almost finished: it's a done deal and in the week before the competition the cooling down is waiting you. How to manage it? We asked this to Eyob Faniel, the Venicemarathon Club’s élite athlete, who will be with us on 26th May at the start line.

Here we go: on 26th May there will be the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon once again. I will be there for the 10K, and you? Are you trained? I really think so.
I’m sure that in these weeks you prepared yourself for reaching your aim – on 10K or half marathon – both with sunny and rainy days. And at the end of the training, what do you generally do the week before the competition? You know, the code word is only one: cooling down.
What’s the meaning? How can we do well?
First, cooling down doesn’t mean “don’t run”, but it means to lighten the kilometres and the quality works.
My advice is to choose a day where you can work on speed, with variations rhythm and passive recovery, to develop the aerobic power.
The best thing is to do this 4-5 days before the competition.
If you are preparing the 21K, you can arrive until 9-10 km repeated: for example, 9x1000 with race rhythm + rec 2’; if you are registered on 10K you can halve the number of repetition. It could be easy to keep the stride at 1000. If you can’t do this, maybe you chose a bad day to train yourself (it happens) or you overestimate the race rhythm; this could be the best moment to review your previsions.
When you talk about the days immediately before the competition, there’s someone who prefer to run and someone who don’t run. I personally experiment both situations and I think that the best thing is the total recovery, so without running, two days before the race (for example on Friday), then run some kilometres the day before (for example on Saturday), just a little race: 30’ slowly with some final sprints. The physical sensations are very subjective, so feel your body.
I will make a test the week before the competition, in order to verify my legs conditions. I will be at the Corterun, at Cortemaggiore, a 6K competition at sunset (start line at 20.30), so I will start to enter to the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon atmosphere.
If you will be there, let’s go to greet me; if not, let’s see at Jesolo on 26th May!