Run a home’s competition is nice, win it is beautiful. Eyob Faniel, the delegate of Venicemarathon Club and winner of last edition of Venice Marathon, doesn’t have competitors in this race.

Saturday 25th May won the 10 km of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon in 31’22’’. Now is the time for think the new goal.

Win at home is always nice, but Saturday evening at Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon was wonderful.

Not for the time, that will be better: I’d like do a good time and doing a good test. I try run faster but the hot weather and the dirt part of race course was a problem for time. So I just manage the energies and use a peaceful pace. This rhythm was enough to bring me in the head of group and stay alone until the finish line.

But made the evening special was the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon. The race course was really wonderful at the sunset. It is change little bit from the past edition but it is more fast and beautiful.

The start was incredible: we were in 6000 with the athletes of 21 km and there were a lot of audience near us. Also a long the race course: when we passed on the beach promenade we met a lot of people, this has made the enjoy atmosphere.

Just the time for celebrate the victory, and I need think the next competition on Friday 1st June at Corritreviso. I ran and won it last year, and also this competition will be a good test for the average distance. Next I will leave to the retreat in the height. Destination: Livigno, where I will stay until 27th June. After I’ll go to Aragona where I have my first important date of this second part of season: the half marathon of Mediterranean Game.

But before, I need think the competition in Treviso.