There are people who go to the mountains for holidays, other people go for “working”. This is the case of Eyob Faniel, who is on a retreat to prepare the next important appointments.

The best retreat doesn’t change, so this year we are at Livigno again to complete the preparation for the Mediterranean Games and, above all, for the European Marathon Championship of August.
Days ate very full and we work hard. Everyday we have two trainings, allowing for the rain. The first one, in the morning, is the hardest training and we work on speed. In the afternoon, after lunch and a break, there’s the second training, between 4.30 and 5pm. In this one, we try not to overload ourselves, but we try to run in order to recover energies.
We have some time for a gym training, but here in Livigno it's all a climb and descent, so it's impossible to run without even doing a bit of boosting.
The work is very hard, but in this moment I’m happy for the trainings and the good sensations.
It isn’t simple to prepare a marathon. It is necessary to increase the kilometres, and this means to train both the body and the mind.
This charge makes me a little bit tired, but it is normal. I’m very satisfied of my trainings.
We will stay here until the end of the month. On 27th June we will leave our retreat and I will go at Tarragona for the Mediterranean Games, where I will run the half marathon. The trainings for the marathon could be useful: if I can run for a 42K, I will also run for a 21K. the only thing is that in Tarragona will be very hot, so this could complicate the competition. It will be not simple to do a good time, but I want to make a good placement and, for this reason, I’ll do my best.