Eyob Faniel says goodbye to Venicemarathon Club with a spectacular 2nd place at the Mediterranean Games. The Eritrean athlete of Vicenza, who grew up in the past 3 years in the Venetian Club, was selected by military sport club of Fiamme Oro a few days ago. It is a big step for this athlete on the rise, who won the silver medal in the half marathon at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona and will run the marathon competition at the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship.
The partnership between Eyob Faniel and the Venicemarathon organizers was born on 2016, but the connection was created one year before, after Eyob’s victory at the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon: his ex-trainer Giancarlo Chittolini proposed a technical collaboration with the Venicemarathon Club. It was great news for the Venetian athletic society, because it never had élite runner in its team. It became a great challenge that the Venicemarathon organizers accepted, revealing their commitment to the Italian athletic discipline.
“When Giancarlo Chiottini explained to us his idea after the Moonlight competition, we immediately accepted his offer, even if we never had this kind of athlete in our club. We helped this young athlete to grow up and train calmly, giving him an economical security to train like a pro. We developed synergies with the marathon’s sponsors and partners to give him all the technical equipment that Eyob was in need of. We are very happy to his sport career and we are happy to his new career in an army sport team” – said Piero Rosa Salva, Venicemarathon Club president.
The project gave important success. Faniel bettered himself of about 2 minutes in the half marathon (1h02’14”), had his debut in the Firenze marathon, arriving 3rd and won the 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon with his personal best (2h12’16”). Finally, he won the 2nd place in the Mediterranean Games. These were three great years both for the athlete and for the club.
“I start a new chapter of my life – said Eyob Faniel – enter in a military sport group represents the most important ambition of every young athlete who focuses his efforts in this job. However, it is important to thank the society that trusted and invested in me and that took me to run my first marathon and my first Venicemarathon, giving incredible emotion; I will never stop looking back on my way and thinking about this club that one day of three years ago decided to get involved with me!”
The Venicemarathon Club wishes Eyob Faniel a wonderful future career, and it hopes that he will reach the even higher goals.