The maintenance of the hydration is an important aim in all kind of sports, and lifestyle in general. Water corresponds around to the 60% of the bodily weight and its turnover is of 9% with a loss of around 2,5L through perspiration, sweat, urine ...Then?!
Don't wait to be thirsty (the mechanism is activated when we are already in lack of liquids or electrolytes) but don’t force yourself to drink.
To adequately drink before a competition / training: not to do a "water's load" but to slowly assume around 400-500 mls of isotonic solution, small sips before the start.
From literature during the activity dinks around 200 mls every 20 minutes; in practice during racing is almost impossible to calculate how to drink, therefore to drink at least a pair of sips
To restore around 125-150% of the loss: for a loss of 1 kg of bodily weight for example corresponds to around 1 liter liquids and to recover I must introduce 1500ml 1250 of it.
To prefer isotonic drinks to the simple water, the content of sodium and carbohydrates furnishes energy and it favors the absorption and a fast passage in the stomach.
Which is the best water for the sportsman?
Waters are not all equal ones, those to contained lower part of sodium are not useful for the athlete, the sodium it is the electrolyte mostly lost with sweat and its loss must be replaced.
The ideal water to be absorbed for the sportsman has a fixed residue of 500 mgs / liter, less is very useful for the preparation ipo or isotonic solutions.
Concluding we remember that fruit and vegetables contain around 85% of water, therefore we also underline the importance of 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day for their content of water, not only for the content in vitamins, mineral and antioxidants.