To recover to the best fast sugars, amino acids and a deserved rest are necessary.
The athlete very often experiments a particular type of discomfort and ended depression the competition or training, mainly therefore you/he/she must relax and to drink in suitable way and divided for favoring the restoration of the equilibrium and therefore to have the necessary support for the following trainings.
The phase most important of the recovery is the first half of hour, in which the body very quickly assimilates everything that that is ingested, therefore a liquid form is preferable already balanced for then eating with calm a light meal.
Sugars immediately must be absorb therefore they serve fast carbohydrates: dextrose as choice of election and to the final fruit, a juice, of the sweetened the.
After running with elevates temperatures is very important to reinstate some lost liquids with the perspiration, if we have been good in training we already know how much liquid we lose; otherwise it is considered around a liter, a liter and a half of liquids to be reinstated.
To understand the quantity of lost liquids needs to weigh before and after the trainings, the loss of weight is due to perspiration and respiraton; the decrease of weight must be restablished ingesting around 500 mls of liquids every 500g lost, dividing them in a certain arc of time to allow its correct absorption.
Important also are electrolytes, before, during and after the activity, above all sodium, potassium and magnesium.
The muscular pain felt two days after a competition (DOMS) is given by small lesions, only if we give to the muscular structures that of which they require for being sheltered we will reduce the onset of the pain and we will prepare the muscle to the solicitation of the following trainings.
To mend the muscular structures they serve the aminoacids: better if in free form or in peptides form (2 or 3 tied up aminoacids together) like in Peptide Hydro whey tabs to improve the absorption.
The branched (BCAA) aminoacids are important, but after competitions of long duration, they are preferable or still better the whey proteins isolated, with a complete composition.
In case of exhaustion, of tiredness very pronounced and difficulty to recover from I strive him/it the rest it is important and to appraise the addition of vitamin C for the restoration of the immunitary defences and to promote the synthesis of collagen basic substance of the cartilage.
After these first 30 minutes, in which I must very quickly reinstate all the necessary, a solid meal is needed: short pasta or rice with tomato and vegetables, cheese or turkey, chicken and avoid alcohol.
Dott.ssa Annalisa Faè, R&D ProAction