Many athletes the evening before a marathon change their alimentary habits, seen the caloric consumption of the following day, without considering the fact that the food ingested then must be digested and metabolized. To eat fat and elaborate foods, or to exaggerate in the quantities, tires our organism and it makes us reach the departure tired: the digestion involves a caloric consumption, it is a "job" that the organism must develop, therefore heavy food = heavy job.

The feeding that precedes a sporting appointment can influence the quality of the performance, as I wrote before, and the quality of the sleep.

Avoid fat foods, too fibers and prefer simple foods, easy to digest.

Dinner must be rich in carbohydrates, to fill the reserves of muscular glycogen, ideal the long pasta, light seasonings without fat, the only one permitted is olive oil, a small quantity of vegetable and bread.

Could be added a drink of simple maltodextrins, or other slow absorption easily digestible carbohydrates.

Avoid alcohol.

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