Many sportsmen believe to earn a beer after a run or they make the pre-competition cheers.

Above we describe the negative effects of the alcohol on performance and recovery:
- it is absorbed by the bowel and brought to the liver that metabolizes it. During this passage toxic substances accumulate and reach the brain, with the effects well known on the abilities, according to the ingested quantity.
- it furnishes some calories that the organism is not able to use and reduces the ability to store glycogen (the energetic reserve that serves during a run, and not only)
- it alters the sleep cycle and it increases the levels of cortisol famous stress hormone.
- it contributes to dehydration because of its diuretic effect.

All these effects bring to a fall of the performance and, if assumed after the competition, to an incorrect recovery, negatively influencing also the reparation of the muscular microtrauma.

The assumption of alcoholic drinks should be forbidden for at least 24 hours in case of accident.

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