The food fibre is not a nourishing, it does not have an energetic value in terms of calories, but it is a very important element for the correct performance of some physiological functions of our body.

It is constituted by digestible complex carbohydrates, and it is mainly found in the cereals and in their by-products, in the fruit and in the vegetable.

It facilitates the attainment of the feeling of satisfaction, because it favours the increase of the volume of the ingested food and it the emptying of the stomach.

It accelerates the transit of the faeces, it reduces the absorption of sugars and fats, contributing to the control of the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, it helps to prevent some intestinal pathologies.

We always recommends whole bread, pasta and rice during the meals.

Always for the reasons above the consumption of whole food close to the race have to be reduced, because of the effects that in a bowel already tried by the tension pre-competition.

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