A difficult marathon and always unique, “acqua alta” is a particularity of Venice only.
For many has been the first (epic!) marathon, for others one of the objectives of season.

The recovery in both cases must adequately be managed with food and physical recovery:
- Protein is needed to repair and reverse muscle damage and fatigue resulting from prolonged distance training
- Vitamins and mineralsare compounds necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies, vegetables and fruit and a supplement too
- Eating foods rich in fiber promotes regular bowel movements 
- No junk food if you have to reach a new goal
If you want to run a second marathon simply recovery and managing of overtraining syndrome is important.
1. Glutamine is an amino acid essential for many important homeostatic functions and for the optimal functioning of a number of tissues in the body, glutamine homeostasis is placed under stress, and glutamine reserves, particularly in the skeletal muscle, are depleted.
2. Protein repairs exercise-induced muscle damage, reduces the response from the stress hormone cortisol and even helps speed glycogen replacement.
3. L-Carnitine L-Tartate supplements are found to decrease muscle damage during recovery from resistance exercises.

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