This last month some of the most important marathons at the international level were held around the world. Starting with the very Italian Rome and Milan marathons, and then overseas to Boston. It was a historic day for both the unexpectedly tough weather and the equally surprising winners. For the record, in the women's race Desiree Linden won, the first American woman to cut the tape at Boston in thirty-three years. The male title was won by the amateur Japanese multi-marathoner, Yuki Kawauchi. After the storm in Massachusetts, it was back to Europe with the Paris and London marathons, the latter being conditioned by unexpected heat.
I coached runners for all five events and I knew beforehand the time that each of them would be able to achieve in the race. All have, for better or for worse, respected the timing forecasts. Of course in Boston they fought against wind and rain, while in London they were struggling with overheating. But a solid preparation always allows anyone to successfully deal with the unexpected and get (in any case) a triumphant finish line and a brand new marathon medal. Many athletes believe that a "Personal Best" can be improvised on the day of the race. They are the same ones who at the marathon expo can’t decide which pacing group to follow. After the race In the arrival area you see them disappointed by their finishing times. “It wasn’t the right day" is the phrase they seem to love. But it is pure illusion to be able to "improvise" on the day of the race. It just can’t be done. If you want to run your personal best at Venicemarathon, you have to plan it out now and work on it for the next six months, day after day. The key is consistency  and not a just last minute luck. Start now to plan out your workouts, knowing that during the summer you’ll be running in the early morning hours to avoid the heat. Make that appointment right away with a sports nutritionist who will guide you towards an optimal form to run with more energy and fluidity. Start right now to find a way to rest and sleep easier. You’ll need it when your weekly mileage increases, along with rising temperatures. Of course, there are many other components that can positively influence a race performance. But if you can balance these three elements, on October 29th the Venicemarathon will be a race to be enjoyed, whatever the conditions of the day may.