Today starts a training project, thought and promoted by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Julia Jones, for runners and amateurs who want to run the 33th Huawei Venicemarathon the next 28th October

Wednesday 6th June 2018 - More and more people want to run a marathon, but few of them know how to plan an appropriate training course, how to nourish themselves correctly and, above all, how to engage the 42 kilometres. The Venice Marathon also represents an important appointment that many people wait for the appeal of the course and the magic that you feel running in a unique city like Venice.

For this reason, the Venicemarathon Club, with the writer and trainer Julia Jones, has designed the project “From 10K to 42K in 5 months” thought for people who want to prove to run a marathon. It is not only a simple training plan organized by schedule, but a real project divided in two phases.

In the first part, the aim is to prepare people to run 10 kilometres in 6 weeks. From today to the 18th July a training schedule prepared by Julia Jones will be at the official website for amateurs who want to engage the 10 kilometres distance with 3 trainings per week. At the end of this first part, the focus will be moved on the 42 kilometres and the new finish line will be Riva Sette Martiri, the finish line of the 33th Huawei Venicemarathon.

In this second part, that will start in the second part of July, the “Venicemarathon Pacer Team”, that is the pacemakers of the Marathon of Venice, will be your trainers. Every week, the Venicemarathon Facebook Page will host the training plans and the experiences of people who are used to run a marathon in a precise time. For example, we could read about the runner who runs a marathon under 3 hours or about the fitwalker that runs in 6 hours. Moreover, every week, the project will be enriched with the advices of the Pro Action nutritionists.

The invitation is opened to all people: the 33th Huawei Venicemarathon is close, but the dream to run one of the most fascinated marathon of the world could be true.