June is the month when most runners are planning out fall race calendars. It’s less expensive to sign up for events and, knowing which distances you’re targeting, you can make a blueprint of the specific workouts you’ll need to do. In the last few weeks I’ve received a lot of messages from aspiring marathon runners who are still deciding between which marathon to sign up for. Somewhere at the beginning of each conversation Venicemarathon always comes up. “I’m not sure about Venice, I’ve heard it’s a hard course with all those bridges…” I always assure them that Venicemarathon is a flat course for thirty-nine kilometres and that the last three k’s have simple ramps. Super easy! Besides, the marathon is not what they should be worried about. Their concentration should be on the actual preparation for the race. Here’s four key questions to ask yourself and know if you’re ready for this marathon adventure.

Have you already signed up for the marathon? Once you’ve decided you want to run the 42km distance sign up right away. Having that commitment will make a huge difference in your psyche and motivation in getting yourself prepared for the event. Anytime I’ve trained someone for an event and they start to have doubts it’s always because they still haven’t made that commitment of actually signing up for the race. Venicemarathon still has space so sign up now!

Do you have a network of friends and family that support you? The people that support you don’t have to necessarily be runners. Your partner can be sedentary but if he or she is not included in some way, it’s going to be a long four months of explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing. If they’re on board from the start you’ll also feel more relaxed. Even better, have a training group to run with. Those long runs are always easier if you share some of the miles with others.

Are you running at least 30 to 35 weekly kilometres right now? Don’t make the mistake of going from zero to marathon training. We published a 10km training plan that can give you an idea of what your workouts should look like right now. This week you should be running at least three workouts for a weekly mileage volume of approximately 30 kilometres. (mileage will vary according to speed).

Where are your six to eight hours of marathon training time going to come from? To answer this question you have to look at the numbers. Twenty-Four hours multiplied by seven is one hundred and sixty-eight. So if we take out fifty-six hours for sleeping and forty for working we have seventy-two hours to still play with. You’ll probably have to subtract commute time, meal preparation and eating, but if you look at it this way you can clearly see that you do have time to train. What you won’t have time for is mindless television watching and internet surfing for cat videos. That, dear marathon friends, needs to be put aside until the winter. Until then, know that you do have the time if you want it.