Presented yesterday in the City Hall in Mestre the solidarity fundraising linked to the 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon that reached a record figure of 125.665 Euro.

Venice, 1st March , 2018 - The Venicemarathon Club has always been very sensitive to social issues and committed to promoting and supporting solidarity causes and charity projects.

This is confirmed by the budget of the "2017 solidarity marathon", driven by the success of the 32nd edition of the Huawei Venicemarathon, that ends with a very important collection goal. The Charity Program has obtained the record amount of 125.665 euros of which 86.584 euros collected thanks to the 1,257 donations made on the Rete del Dono platform, with the formula run, gift and help others and 39,081 euros collected during the three Alì Family Run, the promotional non- competitive races    held in San Donà, Riviera del Brenta and Mestre in October, that involved around 15,000 people between students and families.

The charity collection linked to the Alì Family Run was divided as follows: 26,266 euros were allocated to the participating schools to support the teaching activity and 12,815 euros to the new project of Alex Zanardi Obiettivo 3, which aims to encourage and support the introduction to sport for the disabled and put in the best conditions the athletes able to reach the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. In addition to the registrations of the Alì Family Run, "Obiettivo 3" has collected 7,062 euros on Rete del Dono; funds that contributed to the purchase, preparation and accommodation of technical equipment for athletes.

The data were illustrated yesterday afternoon during a press conference at the City Hall in Mestre, in the presence of the City Council President, Ermelinda Damiano, the Councilor for Social Cohesion, Simone Venturini and the Councilor for the Budget of the Municipality of Mira Fabio Zaccarin . For the Venicemarathon Club were present the President Piero Rosa Salva, the vice President Stefano Fornasier and the general Secretary Lorenzo Cortesi.

The participating directors  shown strong appreciation for the deep and constant commitment by Venicemarathon in the social field and underlined how the Venicemarathon, in addition to being an important sporting event, also represents a development instruments, inclusion and solidarity.

"The Charity Program is not a collateral activity for us, but a complementary aspect of our organization - commented Piero Rosa Salva - We have always believed in the importance of solidarity and every year we carry out our social projects with great conviction. For several years we have also extended the fundraising to the Alì Family Run and we are very pleased to see how the schools, in addition to providing a large contribution, carry out an important awareness raising among young people."

Returning to the Charity Program, the Rotary International Distretto 2060 with the project '' Run to End Polio # VM17 '' confirms once again the most active association with 370 donations and a total of 31,833 euros that will support the worldwide project that for the past 30 years,  has set out to defeat global polio "End Polio Now".  Distretto 2060 will also receive the Retedeldono  Prize of 2,000 euros for exceeding the 20,000 euros collection.

In second place is the Fondazione Banca degli occhi Veneto Onlus with the project '' Corri per la vista - Run for Sight 2017 '' that collected 10.003 euros, allocated  for researchers in Venice, to combat eye infections.

The third step of the solidarity podium this year go the Salus Pueri Foundation with € 7.809  allocated forthe Pediatric Emergency Department of Padua.Below is a list of all the associations with their respective profits:

Rotary International Distretto 2060 '' Run to End Polio # VM16 '' € 31.833;
Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Foundation Onlus' Corri per la vista - Run for Sight 2017 ''  € 10.003;
Salus Pueri Foundation "Run with us for Pediatrics!" € 7,809;
Alex Zanardi Obiettivo 3 € 7.062
SMA Family Onlus Association '' VeniceMarathon 2017 SMA Families P.SMArt '' € 6,162;
ATMO Onlus '' CorriX5 against childhood cancer '' € 5,461
Il Granello di Senape '' Sport is health, even in prison! '' € 2,703
Associazione Piccoli Punti '' Cut the finish line with us '' € 2.316
Disabili No Limits Onlus '' Run with us with a smile '' € 2.237
Un cuore per tutti Onlus '' A Heart to run..Venice 2017 '' € 1.906
Iside Onlus' 'Runnher run with her' € 1,803
Città della Speranza "Blood bank and fridge for oncological therapies” € 1.381
Africa Mission '' Run for Water Run for Life 2017 '' € 1.362
AIRC '' Together against Breast Cancer '' € 830
Casa dell’Ospitalità '' A roof to those who do not have '' € 822
San Vincenzo Gruppo Az.le '' G. Taliercio ''  '' Run to give ... food aid '' € 682
Aism Go Lido '' A pontoon for freedom '' € 453
Olga Association '' The Wings of the Angels '' € 437
Associazione Dianova '' Sowing today to collect tomorrow '' € 428
Bambini del Mondo O.N.L.U.S. '' # '€ 347
AVIS Veneto '' Run for research! '' € 300
AIDO Provinciale Venezia '' AIDO runs for the school '' € 264

Applications to join the Huawei Venicemarathon Charity Program 2018 are already open.