The edition that made the history of the Venicemarathon is finished. The 33rd birthday of the marathon is celebrated from over 28.000 people

Venezia, October, 31 2018 – The entire world clapped the heroes of the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon. The photos of the athletes who ran in the high water were watched in every TV channel, journal and social.

For volunteers and the organization, this day was epic. The Venicemarathon Club managed an emergency situation, caused by the strong wind and the rough sea. The organization also organized the new route that excluded St. Mark Square in a few time. We appreciate all the over 2.000 volunteers of Police, “Carabinieri”, Local Police, Municipal Police of Venice, Firefighters, “Protezione Civile” and the medical service.

The 33rd edition is celebrating by over 28.000 people: over than 10.000 people that crossed the finish line at Riva Sette Martiri and over 18.000 people that participated at the Alì Family Run.

This edition launched the “From 10K to 42K in 5 months” project: thanks to it, many people could finish his or her first marathon. This edition important also for fundraising, thanks to the Venice Marathon Charity Program.

The 2019 edition will be important for the “Impatto Zero” event: The next edition was chosen for a project for the environmental protection, that calls “Zero waste Blu sport events for territorial development”. Also in this edition there were some “green” project, like the partnership with Trenitalia and BusItalia.

The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon registrations, that will be on October 27, 2019, will be opened soon.