The start of the Moonlight Halfmarathon will be at 7.30pm, a not usual time for a half marathon, so nutrition will have to be managed in the best way so as not to start weighing down.

It is advisable to have a light lunch based on carbohydrates, take good care of the hydration throughout the day and a snack two / three hours before the start: a sandwich that is easily digestible with prosciutto or turkey breast, without sauces and without vegetables that can then give problems in the gastro-intestinal level during the run. 

Hydration is important, so during the afternoon drink water with a high fixed residue and about half an hour before the start drink a solution of carbohydrates and mineral salts, or carbohydrates and amino acids (for example Carbo plus). 

The recommended nutritional strategy depends on the step an athlete will be able to take during the 21.097 km, the standard recommendations are always the same: 

-        start the race well hydrated 

-        Take a “shottino” (like the Prestart shot) before the start to support concentration and muscular blood circulation 

-        Take a gel after the first 70 minutes of running, near the refreshment point if it is hypertonic, otherwise outside if it is isotonic. 

How can I tell the difference between a hyper gel and a hypo gel ? 

Companies specify it on the label if a gel is isotonic, in fact we see that on the front of Carbo Sprint Ultrarace is well emphasized! 

Otherwise it can be understood from the total volume, a gel that contains 25-35 ml of solution is hypertonic, therefore it will be taken near the refreshment point with water, not with salts, and an isotonic gel can also be taken outside refreshment, without taking water immediately after. 

Good run. 

Dr. Annalisa Faè R&D ProaAction