Tips for a 10K night race
Nutritional strategy is important during a short race, as if you want to beat your personal record or is your first race.

Starting in the evening, the useful tips are always the same, hydrate during the day and eat light, avoid processed foods difficult to digest.

A lunch based on carbohydrates (a tomato paste or white pasta) and protein (classic grilled chicken breast), avoid the vegetables that, due to the fiber content, could give intestinal discomfort.

Approximately one hour before departing an energy bar with branched chain amino acids (ProAction Aminobar) and a bottle of Sport Drink to drink until shortly before starting the race.

10 minutes from the start a PreStart Shot, to be ready to give the maximum.

At the final refreshment drink water, Salts, fruit and a protein bar (ProAction Zero Bar) to help your muscles recover.

Enjoy your race.

Dott.ssa Annalisa Faè R&D ProAction