Walking corresponds, for our joints, to a series of collisions with the ground… So running greatly increases the stress to which they are subjected.

The following are of fundamental importance:

- Correct heating system
- strengthen the protective muscles (quadriceps, calves.)
- Correct stretching at the end of activity
- Be gradual, do not start again with a half marathon after a stop of a few months
- Stop at the first signs of pain and inflammation

Taking advantage of winter to build and regenerate the organism will prove useful for better performance and a reduction of the risk of injury.

The substances to be used in cycles are:
- hyaluronic acid: molecule naturally present in the body, especially in the joints. It acts by lubricating joints, helping mobility and as a cushion “shock absorber” it reduces rubbing between bones, in fact it is the main component of the synovial fluid. It seems to affect the way the body reacts to trauma.

- collagen: abundant structural protein in cartilage, bone and, in general, connective tissue. It forms the structure of the cartilage, making them elastic in the movements and resistant to the tractions.

- Glucosamine Sulphate and chondroitin sulphate: both major components of cartilage, the first to keep it elastic, the second to keep it hydrated and “spongy”.

Recommended the devil’s claw to fully promote the function of the joints.

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