Sport is good for the cardiovascular system, getting to 50-60 beats per minute is a nice goal, but pumping blood against gravity at this speed becomes difficult. For athletes the problem of postural hypotension associated with exercise is mainly at night, when you get up after being for a long time.

One of the major causes is dehydration; this causes decreased volume of circulating blood resulting in lowering pressure and postural hypotension.

It can also happen at the end of the race, or at the end of training, when you stop quickly without giving the body the chance to adapt, the blood that was pumped quickly before is now  in the muscles and is slower to arise.

How to prevent:
- Avoid  alcohol
- Take at least 2.5L of water in the 24 hours and especially in the first hour after waking up
- Drink high-residue fixed water and solutions of magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorine
- Increase sodium intake with feeding
- Contract calves when standing in the same position for a long time
- Using compressors

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