A proper and balanced diet ensures the nutrients and energy needed for good performance in sports and everyday activities.

Our Mediterranean diet, with all its components, guarantees an adequate supply of nutrients and substances useful for the general well-being of the active person.

The correct nutrients to be introduced daily:
- Vitamins and minerals: all, but specifically calcium and iron; then milk, yogurt, lean meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables (especially green leaf), broccoli and cauliflower. Recommend 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, trying to vary and follow the seasonality.

- Protein: necessary to build muscle, lean meat such as chicken and turkey, egg, fish, legumes, almonds and other oily dried fruit.

- Carbohydrates: the energy source for the body, possibly from wholemeal bread and pasta and other cereals

- Fats: olive oil and oily dried fruit (nuts, etc.), not saturated fats from butter, margarine or sausages which are harmful to health

- Water, is not a food, but it is the main component of the body. Drinking properly and correctly, in sport, prevents dehydration that manifests itself with reduced performance and general malaise, alteration of coordination and body temperature. Do not drink too much, 2 liters of liquid are indicated during the day. Annalisa Faè R&D ProAction