Last long to 3 weeks from the marathon. , then road to Venice marathon .
This last long is important to plan the strategy that you will adopt in marathon, it must be managed as if it were the day of the race, starting time and  nutritional strategy.
Light dinner the night before, mimicking the Saturdays Venice night dinner, so light food, no fibers and no whole grains to avoid digestive problems.
Breakfast adequate, light and nutritious, about 2 hours from the race
Test the strategy you plan to use in marathon:
- PreStart shot 15 min befor, with half of a bottle of water
- Carbo Sprint Ultraraxe, after 60 min and ever 50 min, it is an isotonic gel, so you don’t need water
-  Amino Essential. After your run with a fruit juice, to replenish your sugars needs and built muscles. Annalisa Faè R&D ProAction