Planning is everything
"What plans do you have for next season?" this was the question a friend of mine asked me. We did not talk about vacation, but of sport. I began to describe a race, a yoga stage and an important triathlon that I had planned for a long time. She said that she could give a little thought and come with me, until I made it clear that the race was not in three months but in sixteen months. She laughed at this and insisted on the fact that she could surely join me in participating in 2019. For me, maybe a year of preparation could not be enough, thinking about the goal I have in mind. Training is not a problem for me, it is really the very least of the problems. I know for sure that everyday habits make the difference in sporting success of any level.

There are seven months left for the Huawei Venicemarathon and I agree with you that it is too early to think about a specific marathon training session right now. Instead, this is the right time for you to start building your healthy habits, the ones that will support your workouts. Take one tip or all of them, but start now.

- The habit of training at the moment you can continue to run three times a week to keep fit. The goal here is to learn to carve the time out for  you and get your family and friends used to see you running regularly. When you spend four weekly training sessions next summer, no one will notice it, not even you!

- Nutrition to change? This is the right time to find a nutritionist and not in four months when you are preparing for the Venicemarathon. The movement of the race can help you to get in shape, but it must be accompanied by a good nutrition program. If you start right now with healthy eating habits you can concentrate better on your workouts.

- Sleep The more I talk about it the more I am convinced that sleep is the basis of a healthy athlete. During the summer, sleep becomes more difficult to manage. Temperatures rise; there are long weekends and vacations that interrupt our usual rhythms. However, you have to remember that many hours of racing also require many hours of rest. Start organizing yourself right now, because this is certainly the hardest habit to arrange of the three aforementioned habits!

Julia Jones, personal trainer and coach pacer