Road to Huawei Venicemarathon: Betina Habuda
For 2019 the virtual pages of Venicemarathon will be following the marathon preparation of a special guest: Betina Habuda. Betina is a 28 year old amateur runner. She’s been swimming for fifteen years and recently started her running adventure. She was born in Toulouse, France and currently lives in Paris where she works as a recruiter for the company Air Liquide Group. While traveling around the world for study and work, October will be her first trip to Italy.

When and why did you start running?
I started in 2014 for a trivial reason: I wanted to lose five kilos. Once I got back to my ideal weight, it became a necessity for me. When I run I feel happier, less stressed and with more energy.

Do you come from a family that practices sports?
I’m the "baby" in the family. My brother and sister are bother ten years older than me. My sister is married to a professional swimmer while my brother is a national table tennis coach. No one runs but sport has always been a leitmotif at home.
What’s your training schedule look like?
I do something six days a week. I usually dedicate three days to running, two to swimming and a day for a yoga or weight session.

Venicemarathon will become your second marathon because, a few days ago, you ran in Paris. What was your result?
I am very happy to have run the Paris marathon, finishing in 4:11:00. I ran the Paris - Versailles (20km) in 1:46:00 so I was sure to finish it in 4:30:00. I was a bit afraid of what could happen after the 30th kilometre but everything went fine. After the marathon I’ll take a long vacation in Vietnam and then will be ready to start preparing for Venicemarathon. I can’t wait!