Preparing Venicemarathon: Building the Base
Last April Betina Habuda successfully ran her first marathon in her hometown of Paris, France, in an unexpected time of 4:11:09. Since then she’s had a few ups and downs in her personal life, but she’s now ready to get back to regular training in preparation for Venicemarathon. The marathon goal for Betina in October is to run under four hours. Her training in the next five months will be written specifically with this in mind.  But before entering into marathon training mode every runner should have a solid base. It doesn’t have to be anything special, the habit of training regularly and a minimum weekly mileage will suffice.

What Betina’s going to do: For the month of June Betina will be running three days per week, twice during the weekday and once on the weekend. She’s an excellent swimmer and enjoys yoga so will keep up these actives while marathon training. When I asked Betina about her previous training method she only talked about mileage. For this reason I’ll add simple running drills to her plan in order to improve her technique and running smoother. Her initial weekly mileage won’t be anything crazy, a little over thirty kilometres per week. That, along with a consistent training habit,  will have her ready at the end of the month to increase her mileage and start her journey towards Venicemarathon.

What you can do: Commit to running three days a week for the month of June. Consistency is King! You can reserve a longer run for the weekend, but during the weekday add some variety to your regular workouts. Strides, skipping or lunges will strengthen your muscles and at the same time diversity your running routine. 

Julia Jones