Preparing Venicemarathon: Relax, just a little!
Summer is finally here and if you’re like everybody else I know all you can think about is a much needed  vacation. But the word “vacation” has a different meaning for each of us. For some runners it’s an opportunity to increase their weekly mileage and run as much as their heart’s desire. For others it’s a chance to finally become a couch potato and not run at all. If you’re at the beginning of your preparation for Venicemarathon I have news: neither is the right solution. There can be a middle ground for both, thus avoiding possible injuries in the first case and de-conditioning in the latter.

What Betina’s going to do: Betina Habuda, our marathoner-in-training for Venicemarathon already took a long vacation during the month of May in Vietnam. At the end of this month she has a short holiday planned and is already worried about how it might interfere with her training plan. Fortunately her “vacation” is hiking in the mountains with a group of friends. Even though she won’t be running she’ll still be moving and active. Plus, hiking builds muscular strength and, depending on the terrain and intensity, can be an excellent aerobic exercise.

What you can do: If you’re the type of runner who is always on the move, keep running but alternate running days with another fun summer activity. Swimming, cycling, hiking are obvious choices. If you really want to mix it up invite family and friends to play beach volley, frisbee or badminton. If all you want to do is lay on a towel at the beach go for easier movement. Walks on the beach can be an excellent way to condition your feet and ankles. Swimming is versatile and can be done at the seaside or lakes in the mountains. Just make sure you add in some intensity so that when you get back to your regular running schedule you don’t find yourself out of breath!