Preparing Venicemarathon: increasing your mileage
Wherever you live around the world, whatever training plan you’ve decided to follow, no matter what level of athlete you consider yourself to be, this is the week in your Venicemarathon preparation that everything has to really start. Up until now October seemed too far away for any serious training to take place. But now it’s just four months away. Your base training needs to be constructed and nutrition cleaned up.
The first step is easy: increase your weekly mileage. When examining training data after a marathon, the biggest mistake most athletes make in preparation is in not running enough evenly distributed weekly mileage. We understand you’re not professionals, but even amateurs preparing a marathon should be running four days a week. (By the way, most professionals run seven days a week, twice a day!). Adding a fourth training day might seem impossible, but there are tricks to fitting it in.

What Betina’s going to do: “At first I was a bit stressed about adding on a fourth workout to my already hectic week. Work takes up most of my day and I do enjoy having a social life. But I’m a focused person, when I have a goal in mind and I decide to wake up and go for a run, I go. In adding on my fourth workout I decided on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday format. I prefer running at around 6:00 a.m. so I can beat the Paris summer heat. To keep my motivation up I plan on finding new running routes outside the city or when I go abroad on the weekends. I know when the temperatures drop in the fall I’ll have more friends willing to train with me during lunchtime or after work.

What you can do: Get out an agenda and start penciling, one week at a time, exactly when those four training days are going to happen. Once you make time for them, half the work is done. Remember the famous motto , “Together we are stronger…” If you have other friends that are signed up for Venicemarathon make run dates with them. You don’t have to run every workout together, but a weekly appointment really helps with motivation. It only takes a few weeks to get used to the new training load… and then you can start adding in some longer runs!