Preparing Huawei Venicemarathon: races to train you for the marathon
There are still three full months until the Venicemarathon. Many of you have been working for months to build a solid running foundation before adding longer training sessions. Others signed up for the are just the other day. In both cases you still have time to prepare before adding another magic ingredient: training races! Running calendars around the world are full of appointments and events of various distances.
September is the time when each country holds "classic" events that have been designed for anyone running a fall marathon. I’m in favor of including a couple of half marathons in the months before Venicemarathon. The end of September is an ideal moment to race your first event whereas the other could be done towards the beginning of October. The shorter races, from ten kilometres to the “ten miles" can be raced at almost any time to give a boost to your speed.

What Betina’s going to do: Our French runner contacted us just the other day to ask "permission" to sign up for a race that’s become a classic: Les 20km de Paris. With more than 30,000 participants, the route highlights some of the most beautiful monuments on the western part of the city: l’Arc de Triomphe, Boi de Boulogne, Rolland Garros, the Grand Palais and Tuileries. I told Betina not only to register immediately so that she was she to grab a spot, but to add a longer warm up before the race. That way she’ll have resolved the problem of trying to fit in a long run by doing it during an event, with entertainment and company.

What you can do:  Now is definitely the time to register for training competitions, both to save a few euros and to find a space in the race. Any event, from the ten kilometer to the half marathon can be used as a training session. To increase your mileage volume add a warm-up before or a cool-down afterwards, you decide the distance! A word of advice, however, remember that it is only a workout and that your important race starts in Stra on October 27th!