Preparing Huawei Venicemarathon: Q & A with Betina Habuda
This week our marathon runner from Paris, Betina Habuda, completes her first month of workouts in preparation for Venicemarathon. August is the month that most Europeans leave the big overcrowded cities and flock to the beaches or mountains for a long vacation. Since Betina is also in the middle of packing her bags, before she leaves I thought we could ask her a few quick questions on how her Venicemarathon trainings is going so far.

The summer temperatures in Paris reached nearly 106f and measuring in as  the hottest city in Europe for the summer of 2019. How did your running survive the week?
It was quite complicated! The hardest part was my rest after a workout. My apartment was just as hot inside as it was outside, sleeping was really difficult. I planned all my trainings for really early in the morning, at  6:00 a.m., but it was already hot. I brought water with me on my runs and made sure that I had a few sips every fifteen minutes. I also went to the swimming pool for recovery!

Have you found any advantages to preparing a Fall marathon compared to a Spring marathon?
Yes, definitely. With longer days I don’t have to run in the dark since sunrise is at 5:00 a.m. and sunset around 9:00 p.m. The weather, even though hot, is nicer. It’s not cold, there’s less rain and I don’t need to bundle up in clothes. My friends are also more likely to join me for a run during the summer.

Have you noticed any changes in your body with this cycle of training?
I’ve had to increase my caloric intake for sure, especially in the afternoon. I never used to get hungry but now I find myself looking for something to eat in the afternoon. I usually satisfy my hunger with a banana or some pureed apples. I also take care about what I eat, more starch than usual. I’ve also had to increase my fluids. I haven’t lost any weight on the scale but I do feel “thinner” and more energetic.

When athletes start training for a marathon their social life is usually the first thing to go. How have you adjusted yours to accomodate your training schedule?
I’ve had to reschedule both my work hours and my social life. I plan my workouts for the early morning hours so that my evenings are free. I also go out with friends on the evenings that I don’t have an early morning training session the next day. For now, I’ve been able to blend both my social life and running, but Venicemarathon has absolutely become one  of the main topics of discussion among family and friends!

One month down and three more to go. Anything you’re looking forward to in the month of August?
These 2 last weeks were a bit more difficult for me. Last week due to the heat and this week because the longer training sessions. But I am still really motivated for the next months, to discover new workouts and gain some speed and positive sensations.
Also, the last two weeks of August I’ll be on vacation. I’ll be able to rest more and enjoy running on the west coast of France, close to the ocean.