Preparing Huawei Venicemarathon: Marathon Pace
Every year at the Venicemarathon expo our pacing teams for both the marathon and 10km race have a booth where they can meet runners, give advice on the course, or just chat to calm everybody’s nerves about race day. We also hand out old fashioned pacing bracelets. With modern age electronic equipment available, wearing a printed piece of paper around your wrist might seem like a thing of the past. But you’d be surprised how many people still like the security of looking at those goal numbers. The other thing that might surprise you is how many marathon runners have no idea what their race pace is supposed to be. They look over the eleven pace times that we offer, sometimes picking up three different bracelets. Are they totally clueless or simply getting up the courage to truly live up to their running potential?
Yesterday I spoke with Betina Habuda, our Parisienne runner who will be racing in Venice in just ten short days. While her training seems to be on target, she’s also feeling really tired. This is a normal response from your body in this last period of training, when your mileage has just peeked. I invited Betina to pay extra attention to her sleep and rest and make sure she eats enough to fuel her training runs for this last week. That said, Betina will be following the four hour pacing trio. We looked at her training times and one key half marathon race that she ran last week.
During the marathon she’ll know where the pacers are but will keep track of her own time and speed.
So, how do you decide your marathon pace? You can go online and find marathon race calculators but I instead have always used a very simple formula. Calculate your half marathon time x 2 + 15:00 = marathon time. Super simple. This is of course your potential. If you pace yourself correctly, fuel carefully and the weather Gods cooperate, well, it’s almost guaranteed! See you at the expo!