Preparing Huawei Venicemarathon: A Marathon Win!
After many months of communicating by email, whatsapp and Skype about training, I was happy to finally meet Betina Habuda, our French Ambassador for Venicemarathon. We had already talked about race strategy the week before but the sudden turn in weather made me rethink Betina’s plan. It was going to be hot on the race course, we already knew that as we chatted in Parco San Giuliano on Saturday. My new marathon race instructions for her were: don’t follow the pacers, start out at 6’00” per chilometre, see how you feel and if all goes well, increase your speed later. Betina said she was a little stressed about the weather so when she heard she had to start out even slower than we had discussed she was relieved. Betina’s race story:

“I slept well and on race morning I was ready and excited. When I began running in Stra I felt good and knew right then that everything would okay. I felt well prepared. The first 20km of the race were great, really beautiful places along the course and lots of spectators in each town. My father had come with me to Venice and had decided to run the last 10km with me. I was happy because I had something to look forward to during the race, knowing that I wouldn’t have to run the Ponte della Libertà Bridge alone. When we arrived in Venice it was so beautiful, I was surprised and happy. To be honest, the bridges killed my legs but I knew it was the end so I tried to keep the pace. I was so happy to cross the finish line! It was a great experience this year to be a Venicemarathon ambassador. I had the chance to be treated like a professional athlete at the marathon and to see the race a bit from the inside! I encourage everybody to run this beautiful and well organized race!!!

In the end Betina finished Venicemarathon with a net time of 4:01:18, running her race with a negative split and taking ten minutes off her previous marathon time for a new Personal Best. She worked hard for it and deserved it, now she just has to decide where her next adventure will be!